Over 17,100 people from Ukraine attended to in the city

Over 17,100 people from Ukraine attended to in the city

Tue, 18/10/2022 - 09:27


Social Services. Support has been provided to register 2,600 new residents of Ukrainian origin.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine was launched in February, some 17,100 people of Ukrainian origin have received information or support in Barcelona, with the city registering 2,600 new residents, 50.7% of them women and 31.6% minors. The last school year saw 678 pupils of Ukrainian origin schooled at education centres in the city, while 276 have been enrolled for the current school year.

Most of the support (nearly 13,900 people) was provided by the Barcelona Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB) and at UCRANE, the social emergency facility where assistance for the city’s Ukrainian community has been concentrated.

The support in place facilitated 6,200 overnight stays for people temporarily in the city or in the process of gaining places on the state reception system. In addition, the Care Service for Immigrants, Emigrants and Refugees (SAIER) has provided support for around 3,200 people over the last few months.

The activity of the CUESB and UCRANE entailed an additional municipal investment of 850,000 euros, while the 1,300 plus cases of emergency aid has meant a further 308,000 euros to date.

Support and shelter

Although recent weeks have seen a significant drop in the volume of new arrivals, the aim is to facilitate the integration of newly arrived people as much as possible and continue working towards their full integration.

Support provided included assistance for 335 people at the occupational facility created by Barcelona Activa to facilitate labour integration, along with 19 emotional support sessions for 37 participants in collaboration with the Psychologists’ Association of Catalonia.

Other examples are the recreational programme for families and children staying in hotels in the city, the expansion of the programmeA l’estiu, Barcelona t’acull” and the summer activity camps organised every year by the Municipal Institute for Social Services (IMSS). This year’s programme also offered “Temps de joc Ucraïna”, plus a dozen support items for Ukrainian people managed via the Movement Bank.

Kyiv as the guest city for La Mercè 2023

Kyiv has also been named as the guest city for La Mercèl 2023, with a collaboration agreement signed during the recent visit by the Mayor of the Ukrainian capital.

Other steps include the despatch of two trucks from the Barcelona Fire Service with special materials and the resolution for an emergency call for international cooperation and global justice organisations working on the ground to provide support for refugees.