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The value of people arriving

Liudmyla is a refugee and a volunteer English teacher at the Escola d’Adults La Verneda, where she learnt Spanish. She fled Ukraine and is waiting for the state to resolve her asylum request.


Family collaboration, the caring community

The service puts families which are temporarily unable to look after young children in touch with nearby childcare volunteers.


1938-2013: Two stories of refuge

Roser Rosés and Mohamed Bitari talk about war and exile. Roser was evacuated to Russia as a girl and Mohamed fled Syria in search of protection in Catalonia.


Surviving hatred

David Sequeiros is a gay activist defending LGBTI rights in Honduras. Three years ago he had to leave his home country after being the victim of serious violence.


Beyond language

Delia teaches Spanish to refugees.


Grazziella's double bolt

Graziella had to go into exile twice in the 70s for political reasons and fled to Sweden with her two children. “People flee to survive” she affirms in Barcelona, where she has lived for several years.