Help and support for refugees from Ukraine

Help and support for refugees from Ukraine

Mon, 07/03/2022 - 16:58


Cooperation. The website ‘Barcelona, Refuge City’ offers a central point for information on municipal services and how to help the affected population.

Given people’s willingness to offer support for the population affected by the conflict in Ukraine, we have updated the ‘Barcelona, Refuge City’ website as a central point for all information and to help facilitate shelter for refugees. The website includes up-to-date information in different languages, including Ukrainian, along with all the resources available for citizens wishing to help out.

The website Barcelona, Refuge City includes the following:

  • Details on social organisations and NGOs responding to the humanitarian crisis on the ground, and for people wishing to make donations.
  • A list of organisations running donation campaigns for materials, medicines and clothing, in coordination with the Ukrainian authorities.
  • The procedure for providing shelter for child and adult refugees.
  • Information of how to become a volunteer.

Services and support for refugees

The website includes information on the services offered by the City Council to facilitate primary reception:

  • Barcelona Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB), 24 hours a day, all year round. Tel: 900 703 030. Address: Carrer de la Llacuna, 25.
  • Care Service for Immigrants, Emigrants and Refugees (SAIER), help and information on the procedure to obtain asylum and refuge. Tel: 931 532 800. Address: Carrer de Tarragona, 141.

The site also has information on municipal support in joint initiatives under way with the Catalan Red Cross (Creu Roja), to facilitate reception in Sants station and El Prat airport.