Racism and xenophobia the main causes of discrimination handled by the OND

Racism and xenophobia the main causes of discrimination handled by the OND

Sun, 28/02/2021 - 10:14


Inclusion. The Office for Non-Discrimination handled 219 cases in 2020.

The Office for Non-Discrimination (OND) has presented data for the support it provided in 2020, with figures unchanged compared to previous years despite the effects of the pandemic in the city. Racism and xenophobia account for 42% of cases handled by the office and represent the main cause of discrimination, followed by LGBTI-phobia (28%).

The total number of cases handled by the Office for Non-Discrimination remains unchanged compared to previous years. Out of the 95 cases of racism and xenophobia, 42 were for the former and 53 for the latter. Complaints from victims were about denigrating treatment with insults, scorn, humiliation, threats and offensive comments about returning to their country of origin, as well as physical aggression.

The figures also come with an increase in discrimination among tenant/owner communities in buildings, which may have come about as a result of the lockdown. OND services provided mediation between the different parties, in coordination with prevention services and other municipal resources.

Municipal tools to fight LGBTI-phobia

Last year saw 57 files opened for LGBTI-phobia, some 28% of all the cases handled by the OND. This confirms the increase in cases in recent years (16% in 2018 and 22% in 2019). Given the situation, the City Council developed a new protocol to combat LGBTI-phobia, with the coordination and collaboration of the OND, the Barcelona LGBTI Centre and other LGBTI rights organisations. The protocol is helping raise the profile of cases and improve support for victims of discrimination.

Besides racism, xenophobia and LGBTI-phobia, the OND handled reports of discrimination on the grounds of gender (8%), health (7%), disability (6%) and more.

Moral integrity as the main right violated

Looking at the figures according to the right violated, moral integrity represents 35% of cases, making it the main type, far ahead of physical integrity (15%) and the provision of services (13%).

In terms of the violation of rights in the provision of services, the type of situation identified in 2019 remains unchanged: the restriction or denial of different banking services on the grounds of origin or nationality of the person making the request.

The OND as a guarantee for support across the board

The Office for Non-Discrimination offers comprehensive support to tackle discrimination, denounce it and assist victims. The office provided support and legal assistance in 194 instances in 2020, along with psycho-social support in 73 cases, and guidance, assistance and empowerment in 172 instances. The service also provided mediation in 13 cases with the goal of the discriminator repairing the harm caused.