Municipal facility offered to the state to relocate 55 refugees from Moria

Municipal facility offered to the state to relocate 55 refugees from Moria

Sat, 12/09/2020 - 13:23


City Council. The offer of shelter is particularly aimed at families with children. The fire at the Moria camp has left 12,000 people without shelter or support.

The City Council has offered the Spanish state a municipal facility to immediately relocate 55 refugees from the Moria camp, which burnt down this week. The characteristics of the facility being offered means it is particularly aimed at families with minors. The support available would consist of covering their food and hygiene needs and providing medical and psychological assistance.

An assessment of each family’s situation would also be carried out to enable the right resources and care to be offered in each case. The refugees would be able to access services and assistance offered to asylum seekers by the SAIER (Care Service for Immigrants, Emigrants and Refugees), with specialised legal support.

Institutional declaration

Barcelona’s commitment to what the EU regards as common values, such as human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights, were re-affirmed by the Full Council in September, through an institutional declaration denouncing the situation in the refugee camps in Greece, particularly Moria, and calling for solutions. The full council meeting sought to underline the city’s willingness as a refuge city and to work by setting an example as a defender of human rights.

Call to Europe

Given the humanitarian crisis in Lesbos and the Greek Islands as a whole, which has left 12,000 without shelter or support, the cities of Barcelona, Amsterdam and Valencia has sent an open letter to the leaders of European institutions. The aim is to achieve better coordination to efficiently relocate people and for the whole of the EU to collectively address the crisis in Greece.

Nausica, an example in providing shelter for refugees

The Nausica programme was set up in 2016 and is a pioneering service in the provision of care, support and guidance for refugees, centred around users and their families. The service has helped 223 since it was created and its budget has been increased by 50% in the last year.

The programme offers a range of services which include a temporary place of shelter and which cover their basic needs. A comprehensive work plan is developed for each individual and includes social, psychological and professional support, language-learning, legal support, training, labour assessment and help with the schooling of children and teenagers.