Barcelona calls on the Spanish state not to re-open the CIE in Zona Franca

Barcelona calls on the Spanish state not to re-open the CIE in Zona Franca

Tue, 24/11/2015 - 13:48


Municipal. Social entities, the municipal government and the CiU, ERC, PSC and CUP formations all support the initiative.

Barcelona opposes the re-opening of the Centre d’Internament per a Estrangers (CIE) [immigrant detention centre] in the Zona Franca area, where building work is currently being carried out. The institutional statement will reach Full Council on 27 November and condemns the CIE for violating the fundamental rights of migrant people.

The initiative, agreed with the 3 social movements Tanquem els CIE, SOS Racisme Catalunya and the Fundació Migra Studium, also includes other commitments and agreements to fight racism and ensure equal rights and opportunities for all. Measures will be put in place with the aim of ensuring nobody is identified and detained due to racial motives or deprived of their freedom if they are in an irregular situation. The move looks to guarantee rights to freedom of movement around Barcelona for everyone, regardless of their origin or their social, cultural or religious status.

Apart from urging the Spanish government to definitively close down the CIE in Zona Franca, the declaration also calls on Spain to stop express deportations, to annul the Spanish national police corps 2007 deportation protocol and not to carry out collective deportation flights.